Ginnoth is a bay on the northern coasts of Izagunbar. It is ringed by villages, towns, lighthouses, watchtowers, and coastal fortresses. The area's largest settlement is the Ivory Asylum city Selûn.

Ginnoth has an unusually high number of lighthouses. This reflects the dangerous naval conditions of its waters with strong currents and underwater hazards. These underwater hazards consist of shoals, underwater rocks near the surface, reefs, and forged defenses. The forged defenses are the Caltrops of Ginnoth. These objects were built as a defense against naval invasions.

The lighthouses are lit to show the way into the safe channels of Ginnoth, but when under threat, they all go dark, and the Ora Tubruš begins moving them into defensive positions. Only the navy knows the safe lanes for any given time of the day.

The Caltrops of Ginnoth is one our greatest national defenses. They have led to the drowning of thousands over the centuries - mostly in times of war, but also in times of peace.

- Admiral Hurtugen, from his book on naval history of the Ivory Asylum - "Caltrops of Ginnoth"

During the Horgon Era and after the fall of Abâthigûr, the Hydrocur came to this area and built a settlement in the bay and on the isle of Tadâph. The Hydrocur raided the mainland for food and slaves. Many of the slaves they took to Tadâph were used in experiments. The intent of the Hydrocur was the creation of a race of creatures that would be subservient and strong enough in small numbers to take on the Sussgurd dwelling in Karnegmoth. One of the creatures they created was a elephant-like humanoid. This new race came to be called the elderaunts. The Hydrocur were never able to completely control the elderaunts. After the elderaunts had a sizeable population, they rebelled against their masters. The Hydrocur were driven out to deeper waters and the elderaunts claimed the coastal areas of the mainland.

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