Aquan Codex

AuthorGlobothin and Ukhan
LocationUkhan Archives

The Aquan Codex, or Aqan Codices, is an early historical record of the Hydrocur and the tribal start of the Elderaunts. There are five tomes that make-up the Aquan Codices. They were started by an Hydrocur named Globothin and finished by an elderaunt named Ukhan. The first codex starts with the fall of Abâthigûr and the turmoil that ensued. It details the Sussgurd rebellion across Necrocrypt and how they were driven off the island by hordes of Sussgurd undead. They also tell about the Hydrocur carrying off as much loot, literature, and other items that they could carry aboard their watery ships.

The second codex gives an account of Hydrocur experimentation on the humanoids captured in Athoreon's interior. It details the birth of Elderaunts by Hydrocur lab coats, the great rebellion, and ends with the Hydrocur fleeing for safer waters. The third, fourth, and fifth codices are written in a more gentler tone. They were written by an elderaunt historian named Ukhan. His writings talk about the elderaunt tribes and important personages. A large part of the fourth codex talks about the elderaunt's search for the meaning of their existence, taking into account they were made in labs. The fourth codex has a personal touch and is generally viewed to be more opinion than historical record.

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