Military - Paradomea


The more notable divisions of Paradomea's military are listed here. These forces are under the command of Lorkiee Kal-Oni, the Council of Nine's Syndic of Defence.

Paradomea's ground forces are called the Treza-Râth. It consists of a number of crack fighting forces, like the Githlarâk, Doom Squads, and three wings of magically fortified skeletal dragons.
Notable Units
Doom SquadsParadomea City
GithlarâkAggis, Paradomea City
The Treza-Taran is the seaborne navy of Paradomea. It is a powerful fighting force with many ships-of-the-line, aquatic forces, and well-armed merchant ships. The nation of Paradomea is primarily concerned with trade, so their naval forces are mainly used for protection and not territorial expansion.