Giant Steps Olmi Hjark

Giant Steps
RegionGrashakh, Northern Hordelands
AliasOlmi Hjark
MapGiant Steps Mountains

The towering mountains called the Giant Steps stretch from Laucentar to the northerly rim of the Anzar glacier. They are in four sectors and cover parts of two regions. In the north the range splits into two mountain ranges with deep valleys and towering glaciers. The mountains are home to many hill, stone, and frost giants, goblins, peoples of the Orchish Empire, Umahanbad and Bazandaggûl dwarves and other humanoids. The giants call these highlands Olmi Hjark, which has the meaning home of the giants. For a time in the Horgon Era, the northern reaches were ruled by a series of frost giant jarls of the Titan Empire of Glangveif.

Giant Steps is the home of many hill, stone and mountain giants. Other types of giants are also found in these mountains, but their numbers are much less than those previously mentioned. The mountains are hotly contested with frequent battles between humanoid groups, the Umahanbad, the deep gnomes of Vynnendar, dwarves and giants of Bazandaggûl, and the forces of the Orchish Empire.

The mountains are also home to tens of thousands of ice trolls. They are tribal groups, fragmented, and usually open to serving any group that pays them. Their highly chaotic nature makes them prone to change sides if given a better deal or even on a whim.

In the mountain's northwestern tracts, facing Shadow Rift, orcs have long been a problem for those around them. These orcs, more chaotic yet equally warmongering as their more sophisticated brethren, the Githirmil, are descendants of those who risked their lives mining The Deafening. In the reign of the Glangveif, this section of Shadow Rift was the empire's only source for salt. In the last years of Glangeif, the salt mines were abandoned. The orcs and other slaves left behind. Today, these orcs number nearly a hundred thousand. They are spread across warring tribes that spend more time fighting amongst themselves than threatening their neighbors.

These mountains have dozens of passes through them and innumerable passages within them. Nearly all of these are dangerous places to travel.

In addition to the area's giants and humanoids, are many dragons and other winged predators. Many of these creatures lair in abandoned ruins, deep caves, and abandoned mines. Many of the peak's mine shafts were made by giants, so they are very big. The northern tunnels were built long ago, during the reign of the Titan Empires.

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