Isgofnel is an bluish white island of ice near the mouth of the Hrafgrir inlet. A casual glance at the map of MidrĂªth would make many think it to be glacial creep from Igas, but it is actually an extension of Ice Cap. It is located in an area where it would normally melt down, but since it is infused with energies from the Cube of Arcane, it melts slowly and that which is lost is soon replaced and ever slowly increased.

Isgofnel's mass has doubled over the last millennia. Its current rate of expansion poses no danger to the wilds of northern Brucrumus. It is a shipping hazard for the bay and the Nautrek sea, for icebergs break off at a steady rate between Bloom and Bliss.

- NĂ¢namac, researcher of Belras Foroderch - "Ice Cap Isles"

When Glangveif fell, a group of frost giants escaped to this island. They built a small settlement, naming it Otraki Gaum, which translates to Last Stand. Their remote location and small numbers were of no threat to the Hofthorm so they were left be. The frost giants survived by fishing and raiding the coasts. This settlement has grown into a small town and today holds a population of several thousands mixed peoples.

The island has a population of caribou and other arctic beasts. The game population is managed and re-stocked. Some of these creatures are descendants of those brought here by the island's frost giant settlers or shipped in from Ice Cap via Blackjammer.

Notable Areas