mindless brutes - zombies
Typecreatures with high negative energy

An undead is a creature of negative energy. When something is turned into one of the sentient forms of undead they will suffer some sort of sense alteration. This could be good or bad, with enhanced hearing but reduced vision, improved sense of smell but lessened sense of touch. The variations of the sense alteration vary and are not specific to any particular undead.

Undead have two forms of vision, life-hunter sight and whatever normal vision they had in life.

Rax, shakes himself out of the ice. He re-focuses on the mortal form before him, and not the brightening white light in humanoid form that was just there a moment ago, one a growing urge inside him was telling him to extinguish.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Sentient undead see the world in one of two views — as a world of hostiles, or as a world of friendlies and hostiles. Those who spend all their time viewing things as a world of hostiles inevitably become more evil and come to despise the living. The wiser and more intelligent undead try to stay on the side of seeing things as a world of friendlies and hostiles, for that is the side that tends to make you more powerful and keep you alive. Raxcvillibus Dumu-Loc was the first to write about the subject in his Memoirs of the Black Tide War. In this book, he discusses about what it was like working with armies of undead, and a council of undead leaders called the Dead Council. He says that in a matter of years after they opted to become liches and vampires, three of the councilors, Garn, Pinth, and Jairall, had lost all sense of humanity, becoming thuggish, domineering, and caring nothing for the needs of the living. Raxcvillibus claims they acted as if no longer concerned with their mortal troops' needs for rest and food, their pain when wounded, and emotions that some lost when they began to view the world as hostiles. Then, as if setting himself apart from them, he stated, "I took the middle path while leading my armies of the Black Tide. At first, the mortal soldiers feared me, saw me as an otherworldly abomination. This changed when they realized that friendlies were my soldiers, hostiles were any that opposed us."


Ability TypeEffect
Life-Hunter Sightfeatcan see creatures that have life energy in them, this shows them in outline of white light, the intensity based on their degree of life energy. This form of vision is particularly useful for low-light or low-visibility conditions.