Mindwrack - Yandôr

Seven months after the 14th Battle of Regadnîn (5001 DE - 5003 DE), a Covenant team tracked a wanted primordial leader named Nakh-Zennîm to the towering grasses of a then unnamed area. Knowing the dangerous of their quarry, the Phalgas Chosen, crusaders of a revered figure by the name of Phalgas, came equipped and prepared to fight a being extremely powerful in the ways of psychic energy. Proving no match for his attackers, the fight was over in minutes. Nakh-Zennîm's end came with the release of all his stored-up psychic energy. All of the attackers were driven insane. Out of fifteen crack soldiers, only Phalgas and four others were saved from the madness and mayhem that followed. The lingering effects of this battle, still permeate an area known as Mindwrack.

A very dangerous area to travel, anything above the thinking of an animal that enters the elephant grass of Mindwrack risks mental trauma, confusion, madness, or psychic drain.

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