Dark Sea

behemoth class ghost ship of the Dead Pirates
Climatetemperate to sub-arctic

The Dark Sea is a cold sea beneath the floating islands that make up Šadullu. Some areas of this sea are dimly lit, perpetually cast in shadows or in complete darkness. The amount of light in these areas depends largely on how large and close the mass above it is and other visibility factors like rain and clouds.

A perpetual storm roils across the Dark Sea. Legend has it that this storm came about when Silvanus witnessed the destruction that befell an entire continent. Back then, before the primordial invasion of the Mortal Systems, Šadullu was of special interest to Silvanus. For him, it served as an incubation area for new jungle dwelling species. If these species thrived, they would be moved to others jungle areas of the realm. When Silvanus looked upon the destruction wrought by the Nine-Tongued Worm, the shattered continent Šadullu, now islands and debris floating in the sky, it is said, he cried in anguish.

The water from Silvanus's tears and great sadness were such that a miracle happened. A perpetual storm was born from his grief, one that now rages eternal across a dark sea. Many have taken to calling this storm Silvanus's Tears for this very legend.

- Arngrek, Laupha Loremaster - "Dark Sea, Dark Storm"

The Dark Sea is haven to hundreds of death ships crewed by lost souls that perished when Šadullu was ripped asunder. These undead ships are ancient in design but still very dangerous with crews of undead that fight like pirates and even when dispatched they regenerate, rising again on the morrow if not put to the flame. The strength and number of the Dead Pirates is such that no coastal dwellings exist on Oralûth or along the southern coasts of Straiden and Karterus.

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