Salzârrâk Minotaur Inlet

AliasesMinotaur Inlet

Some call this strait the Minotaur Inlet. Ba'lith's minotaurs like it such for they are one of the more powerful empires of the area, while others say the name came about from the shape of a smaller area along Athoreon's eastern coasts. In this area, taken from the skies, the bays Phedumarras and Nebezedel do resemble horns, stabbing into the Straiden mainland. The sea's true name is Salzârrâk. It can be found named as either on maps, but those out of Ivory Asylum only use Salzârrâk.

Elderaunt mariners claim that ancient Lith-Crillion maps show this sea with the name Salzârrâk. Being traditionalists in things of the sea, elderaunts tend to keep the original names of things and do not change them on their maps, even when the name may be out of usage.

- excerpt from the Aquan Codex - "Salzârrâk Entry"

Salzârrâk's sea floor is littered with hulks, more than any other sea bottom of the realm. These date from ongoing conflicts between Ivory Asylum and Ba'lith all the way back to the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). .

The largest reef of Midrêth is in this strait. Called the Teeth of Aerdresh, it has long served as a formidable natural protection for the peoples of Pipe Home.

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