Titan Sentinel of Denellûth

Denellûth is an island in the freshwater sea Galathien. The exact location of this fabled island of mystical towers is unknown, for it moves randomly about the sea on the dawn rays of Merioss. Denellûth is shrouded in mists and guarded by titans, ki-rin and other noble creatures.

Over the ages, many holy relics have been imbued with magic here. This enchanting is done by the Six Arcane. Legend has it that in the Demon Spawn War, these mysterious figures served as handmaidens of the then angel Athena. When they were murdered by assassins of Asmodeus, the spirits found their way back through the Hall of Hades and returned to Denellûth. When they returned, Athena had already left. Having attained godhood, she left the Mortal Systems for Nawenglorûs. The Six Arcane have remained at Denellûth ever since and are thought to be bound to the island.

These spirits, the Six Arcane, continue to imbue armor and weapons for angelic armies that have long since left the Mortal Systems. Once in a while, if the cause is just, they can be convinced to impart great holy magic into a great blade, armor, lance, or other armament. One such item was the holy avenger Manjular.

- Zarrek, "Six Arcane of Denellûth"