Titan Sentinel of Denellûth

Denellûth, an island of the Galathien Sea, is mystical place. It is shrouded by night, appearing only during the dawn rays of Merioss. It also moves about the sea, never in the same place with each new dawn. Its shores are always covered in dense fog, masking treacherous shoals and a host of guardians. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the island served as one the Covenant's regional command centers.

Over the ages, many holy relics and magic items have been forged and enchanted on this island. The greatest of these is usually the work of the Six Arcane. In the God Era, these mysterious figures served as handmaidens of the then archangel Athena.

These spirits, the Six Arcane, continue to imbue armor and weapons for angelic armies that have long since left the Mortal Systems. Once in a while, if the cause is just, they can be convinced to impart great holy magic into a great blade, armor, lance, or other armament. One such item was the holy avenger Manjular.

- Zarrek, from his book History of Purity - "Six Arcane of Denellûth"

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