Azrinn'nûr Rings of Azrinn

AliasRings of Azrinn
Climatearctic to tropical

In the southeastern expanse of Edhelviel is an area of more than a thousand islands. This island group is called Azrinn'nûr, or the Rings of Azrinn by most non-elven speakers.

Azrinn'nûr and outward for a hundred miles in all directions, is subject to unusual weather. Sometimes these are strong gales and even typhoons. A survey of the area by the druid Eclipse was undertaken in 1709. She claims that the violent weather patterns of Azrinn'nûr are caused by warm currents coming north from the Mephigax where they merge with Nautrek's icy waters. Others say the area's unusual weather, numerous navigational hazards, and islands in rings, is a clear warning not to enter a place of the gods.

At the heart of these shattered islands is a great whirlpool the sea elves named Níngoth. It is a reverse flowing whirlpool, drawing those up from the Sea Tunnel.

Notable Areas