In the southeastern expanse of Edhelviel is an area of more than a thousand islands. This island group is called Azrinn'nûr. Many of these isles have never seen the footfalls of intelligent creatures.

Azrinn'nûr's islands are frequently swept by strong gales and typhoons. A survey of the area by the druid Eclipse was undertaken in 1709. She claims that the violent weather patterns of Azrinn'nûr are caused by warm currents coming north from Mephigax where they merge with the chilling waters of Nautrek.

In one area of Azrinn'nûr is a great whirlpool that the sea elves named Níngoth. This reverse flowing whirlpool, drawing water up from the depths, is the exit point for ships and creatures traveling the Sea Tunnel. For a time in the Second Epoch, the Sea Tunnel flowed opposite of what it does today. In 1078, a convoy of Vorangrith ships were drawn into Níngoth and taken along the Sea Tunnel. When they came out, they were well over 3,000 miles away, and lost off the eastern coasts of the Aerie of Dragons. They left behind them the whirlpool Typhoon Nexus, which back then flowed in reverse, drawing water upwards from the depths instead of sucking it in.

Notable Areas