Military - Tamlêrran


The military of Tamlêrran is comprised of citizen-soldiers, magical creatures, modrons, and an assortment of skyships and voidships.

Migân Sazrâ

The armed forces of Tamlêrran are called the Migân Sazrâ. They are under direct command of the empire's magocracy government. The officer core is merit based as opposed to appointment by political or factional interest.


The land armies of Tamlêrran military are the Giruk. This branch of the military has a high number of magical creatures and clones. One of Giruk's toughest military divisions is the Kamlêth-Girân.


The air forces of Tamlêrran are the Manêrân. This military branch includes skyships , voidships, and flying creatures. The most potent of the flying creatures are cloud rays.

The primary capital ship of Manêrân are the Lances of Arcana. These are medium sized ships that can operate in atmospheres or in the Void.