Sahqon Lok Maar

Sahqon Lok Maar
RegionBadmaer, Ice Cap
RaceDragon (Hellfire Wyrm, Dracolich)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born17 Kindle 79

Sahqon Lok Maar is an ancient dracolich hellfire wyrm. When still a hatching, he was given to King Hlimi of Hofthorm by the Botaff. These emissaries did this as a gesture of goodwill, hopefully soothing hostilities between those under Hofthorm and those refusing to yield to Hlimi's banner. Secretly, the Botaff hoped that when the dragon grew up, he would help destabilize Hlimi's kingdom.

When his master was assassinated, Sahqon Lok Maar flew north and then disappeared for several centuries. He returned to Borngring near the middle of the First Epoch, causing quite a stir in the northern reaches of this wasteland. He harassed fire giants and attacked any small groups of them, with the intent of slaying them or causing them as much stress as possible. The non-giants that Sahqon Lok Maar encountered were often slain, but those deemed good material were brought into his ranks. Into the start of the Second Epoch, Sahqon Lok Maar had established a small empire in the sub-surface area of Imrik. In this area, he worked with demons to create an improved version of kobolds. They ended up creating a fire resistant, acid belching kobold sub-race known as the Igurkesh.

Sahqon Lok Maar rules a petty empire centered on Gauk Sael. He holds areas of the Underdark and claims much of the northern area of Borngring.

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