RegionHigh Wood Country

Tulandur is a swamp south of Kizan. It is the southern boundary of Rumaktharga territory. The swamp is haven for trolls, Graagvrii, and an unusual number of dragons. The larger than normal dragon population is attributed to a Vith Alok cell based out of the Lemur Spire.

Rumaktharga and the Angrods have fought many battles in this area. As a result, the swamps are littered with bones and implements of war. Some of the fallen now haunt the marsh as undead.

Hill giants, serving under the yoke of Hambrimoth's goblins, make periodic raids into Tulandur's southwestern tracts. These giants, outside the rare appearance of a dragon, are this remote area's biggest threat.

Drow raiding is problematic in this area. They have a settlement or possibly even a city somewhere in the Underdark reaches below this swamp.