Amras Calafalas

Calafalas Beserker
RegionHigh Wood Country
RaceWood Elf

Amras Calafalas is a wood elf tribe in Lerundil. In the High Down War, the Angrods living in this forest suffered exposure to an Entropic Eddy. This made them more chaotic and barbaric - giving rise to some taking the path of frenzied berserkers, wild mages and wilders. They added a darker path to this in the long and brutal High Down War with Eldalweril. The Amras Calafalas became more cold and wicked in their ways until all of them eventually became chaotic evil. Senior seers of Idril claim that the chaotic emanations of the Entropic Eddy accelerated their descent into evil.

Amras Calafalas is a hostile tribe with foreign relations only when it suits them. They have been known to ally with Rumaktharga against the Angrods and serve others when their employers does not want to get their hands dirty.

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