Urokolon Orb 399

AliasOrb 399

This barren moon is the home of a large civilization of illithids. It is a death-trap for most creatures due to the poisonous gases, electrical storms, and acid lakes on its surface. The terrain is mountainous with deep rifts and vast glaciers. A vast population of giants dwell in these areas. The gravity on this moon is 50% of Bal-Kriav's.

Creatures of Urokolon are very fast, due to the gravity, and capable of extraordinary feats of leaping. The greatest threat on the moon are the illithids and their minions - brain golems, cessirids, embracs, and saltors [for the latter four monsters, see Dragon Magazine #140, pg.14].

Another danger on Urokolon is the Breath of Urokolon. This wind can be heard from several miles away and moves at a speed of more than 300 miles per hour. Due to the dangers posed by this wind, most creatures dwell beneath the moon's surface. There are some illithid structures on the surface, shaped to deflect the wind, as well as many ancient ruined cities of an unknown race.

Due to atmospheric gases, Urokolon is recognizable by its pinkish and gray striated glow. The gray color is the result of dirt particles carried on the winds of the Breath of Urokolon.

Notable Resources