The Final Step


The true name and origins of this enormous ametrine throne are unknown. It became something of interest in the Cinazan Front, when Drachmon sat upon it.

This throne is the size of a hill. In addition to being a place to rest your laurels, it serves as a prison for powerful beings. Even a Higher Power forced to reside within it, cannot escape by magic. The current prisoner of the throne is Piranoth. This primordial lord is one who created the worlds that make-up what is now known as the Abyss. Drachmon calls the throne The Final Step, a slight against the prisoner inside who created what long ago was called Piranoths Steps. Piranoth, shrunk down to a quarter of his normal forty-foot height, is bound within the prisoner by magical bands of negative entropy. These work by countering Piranoth's entropic energy; preventing him from breaking out of his throne-prison.

This prisoner in the throne, shrunken down to one-quarter of his normal forty-foot height, is bound to his prison. The throne would be nothing for him to break through, save that he is locked in place by bands of magical energy. This energy is Negative Entropy, the antithesis of his own Entropic energy.

He looks up at the young buck, reminding himself who he is. My name is Piranoth, creator of the fire, frost, and storm giants, father of Geb and Hettar, a primordial lord, creator of Piranoths Steps.

- from the Godspawn Saga