CategoryArtifacts, Hammers

Mudmaul was forged and enchanted by Piranoth. It is made from earth and stone taken from Granitoid. The head of the maul is made to look like a muddy chunk of dirt. It smells of bog mud and occasionally drips a bit of mud. The stone haft and earthen head are magically hardened, durable and as strong as the best blutium.

Maudmaul is a great hammer that drips mud on every swing. It has been hurled by stone giants and smaller folk with devastating results, for once it leaves the thrower's hands it becomes a mud-streaming missile with the force of a trebuchet and a mud splatter that is gooey and sticky like the worst of what can be found in Sinarag's most treacherous bogs.

- Shornhorst, from his book Libram of Relics - "Mudmaul"

Mudmaul is an ancient weapon that was wielded for a time by its creator and then passed on later to his "son" Hettar. In the hands of Hettar it was not only a powerful weapon but also a badge of office showing his authority under Piranoth. When Hettar was killed in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the weapon was lost. Rumor has it that it lies somewhere in Thunder Halls.

Mudmaul is a +5 weapon of mighty cleaving.

Bombard when thrown has the effects of a cannonball being fired from a medium cannon, in addition on impact mud splatters the area of effect (25' diameter) and is equal to a web spell lasting 1-4 rounds 1/turn
Sinkhole open a 20' diameter sinkhole before the wielder which leads to Granitoid, equivalent to a Gate spell 1/week
Earthen Command equal to a ring of earth elemental command continuous
Swathe of Carnage as Mighty Cleaving propertycontinuous
Piranoth's Fist weapon scores an extra die of damagecontinuous