CategoryMage Guilds
RegionHigh Wood Country
HeadquartersPillar of Chronos
Kriavian Elf100%
Alignmentlawful neutral, neutral
Symbolsun clock
Established16 Witchrite 889

Aerdhaith is a guild of Kriavian Elves that specialize in making items focus on time and transport magic; spells like dimension door, teleport, haste, memory lapse, modify memory, temporal stasis and time stop. They work with time dimensionals and other powerful creatures, monitoring the activities of those seeking to manipulate time.

In 1834, news of an expedition to Arcana by Zhuts Explorers, revealed information on Time Fractures. Seeking to learn more of these wonders, a year later, Aerdhaith established a secret lab in the ruins of Felth.