Enmort is an extremely hazardous area where few enter and even fewer leave. The entire area is under the effects of a broken Wheel of Time. In the Demon Spawn War, this relic was intentionally broken by Chronos to save the Hive region from demon occupation. The Wheel of Time was a powerful device that could manipulate time and space. When its was destroyed, this magic spilled out creating a dangerous area where one could be aged to dust, go over a hill that would seem like it might take an hour but ends up taking days, and innumerable other things where time and space are vastly different. In some cases, these effects prove deadly to those of weak fortitude.

Enmort is not so dangerous to some creatures. It is the abode of time elementals which seem to have an affinity for the place. The first blink dogs were created in Enmort. They are descendants of a pack of mutts that escaped the Khazarkars of Huzar-Arân and then made it to the surface. They came out of a natural sinkhole into the distorted landscape of Enmort. The few that survived gave birth to litters of pups with the ability to blink like the wizard spell of the same name. They are also immune to the time related effects of the area, but not those affecting space.

One of the greatest magical hazards of the area is unnatural aging. This could be something mild like the decade lost when seeing a ghost, or a great withering that would match the decaying touch of Rioch Tetrax. Those reduced to dust from the magical effects of the Wheel of Time become a valuable ingredient. This dust can be used as an ingredient for giving newly created magical items power like haste, slow, decay, aging, vitality, teleport, blending, and others magical powers involving time and space.

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