Ark of Devgwer

Raptor Calvary

In the Horgon Era, a primordial engineer named Devgwer escaped his prison vault on Gatheghu. Bound to the land with powerful runes laid down by Arcana and other Covenant arch-mages, he could not leave. Devgwer devised a scheme to stay with the land while cutting it free of the continent. After putting Cari'phis Icicles, powerful magical devices that convert rock, sand, and earth to ice, at key points, they were activated. A deep seam of ice formed a half-circle to the coasts. Devgwer then hired storm giants, paying them with Covenant and primordial spoils hidden away since the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). The giants were put to work with great magical hammers forged for breaking rock. As the ice was broken, the land began to separate, edging out to sea. Devgwer rode this newly created island, the Ark of Devgwer, eastward into the Nielalroch Ocean. The gap in Vhurghad's coastline became known as the Devgwer Rip. As the Ark of Devgwer moved across the ocean, parts of it broke free leaving a string islands that stretch from the Devgwer Rip to the mouth of Tarag-Khâlu. When the remaining Ark of Devgwer reached the continent Brucrumus, it smashed into sector Ara'phis of the Troll Bogs. This created an uprising of the land that is now called the Devgwer Humps. Devgwer was not the only thing riding on this short-lived island. On an island of nearly 10,000 square miles, thousands of dinosaurs were brought to the shores of Brucrumus with the Devgwer Humps and the Tiyalashe plains becoming their new abodes, and hunting grounds.

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