Cilarrion Plague

Period5 Kindle 6746 DE - 1 Brighstar 6757 DE

When the Henmona Rift was closed by the Golden Seven, the primordial forces across Cilarrion and nearby regions were cut-off. The mopping-up operations that followed led to secret operation that to this day has not been claimed by anyone. Some say it was all the idea of a doctor in charge of implementing it. This was a Durkoth by the name of Rioch Tetrax. He created a plague that killed only those of high entropic energy; for the most part the victims were primordials.

This affair in Cilarrion was kept a secret in the Covenant for many centuries. It was not the type of path the Covenant wanted to follow, but as Lukoon put it, "what is done, is done. We can only manage the information until the time is right to come clean, preferably after this war.