Sathels Wrath

CategoryArtifacts, Tridents
AliasBaton of Sathel

Sathels Wrath is built entirely of black pearl. It looks as if it was cut from one impossibly large black pearl. It was made in the Dawn Era by the merfolk hero Sathel. At the time a Tier 3 Creationist, she used it as focus of power for shaping undersea locales. If the legends are true, the plans for making this item came from a primordial ship sailing across the Nielalroch Sea. One of the riches found on this vessel, were the plans to build an item that could help a Creationist do more with Creation than what was normally allowed to them.

When Sathel became a Cult Power (9350 GE), she left the Mortal Systems for a distant world. She intentionally left behind her baton, hoping that it would help her people survive the Demon Spawn War and whatever came after it. It was against the Rules of Divine Governance to abandon powerful artifacts, especially those with the power of creation. The Covenant preferred to use such items in the ongoing conflict or send them beyond the Mortal Systems to secure facilities. Goodly, but chaotic, Sathel left behind her famed baton, along with obscure hints of its location. To most onlookers, these were just inscriptions about morality and Covenant ideals. The clue in them was letters slightly smaller than those next to them.

After searching for decades, piecing together the clues, all while the Demon Spawn War was still raging, the famed Aldír Geleb found the Baton of Sathel. It was taken to the general staff and with hesitation they agreed to make use of its knowledge. They used it to find sources of power like the Sea Tunnel, and determine areas of the realm that would be most habitable for them. The Baton of Sathel guided them down the Sea Tunnel and then west to an area off the coasts of Iizus Yeldah where they built the undersea city Merenwen (9392 GE).

In the Fifth Thane War, the army of Merenwen decided to use Sathel's ancient relic. Not realizing its potential destructiveness in untrained hands, the city Onai'gom and its population were obliterated.

It was as if the place never existed, a relic powerful beyond our imagination, and one used by Great Sathel to carve mountains, valleys, and shape the land beneath the oceans.

Sadly, it was not met to be wielded by us petty mortals, for in using it against Onai'gom, we failed to understand that to power it required someone with the might of a Creationist. The Baton of Sathel used 99% of its own power to pull off what would be its last action of creation.

- Albor Elphiroth, city historian of Merenwen - "Annihilation of Onai'gom"

Even though drained of much of its power, Sathels Wrath is a potent weapon for any mortal. The weapon is very dangerous to even get near in the water, continuously raiding a 10' sphere of electrical energy. Fortunately for anyone wielding it, they are immune to this Lighting Blast. When taken outside of the water, this effect functions like a normal Lighting Blast power.

Sathels Wrath is a +9 lighting blast trident of might cleaving.

Alignmentchaotic neutral
Communicationspeed, telepathy with all sea creatures
Breath of the Deep as ring of water-breathingcontinuous
Grace of Sathel as ring of free actioncontinuous
Lighting Blast as Lighting Blastcontinuous
Onai'gom Splitter as mighty cleavingcontinuous
Ripple of Creation a ray of Sonic Energy to 180' causing 12d12 damage - Fortitude DC30 for half1/day
Steeds of Aldír Geleb summon 2-12 war dolphins to serve as mounts1/week
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