Scrolls of Maen

AuthorMaen Grirngrim

Thought to have been lost in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Scrolls of Maen are the writings of a primordial named Maen Grirngrim. They are his work on necromancy and dark paths that allow one to drain the life of others, and how to trap souls in magical vessels. They discuss the workings of necromancy like optimal times of casting (Shade of Darkness, Zenith of Darkness), undead creations and which ones are best for what purposes, and dozens of necromancy spells.

In 375 LE, eldritch giant raiders went aboard the ghost ship Halatrax. On this vessel they battled undead and other guardians left aboard since the Creation War. Reduced to a mere handful, they left with relics, books, scrolls, and ornate jewelry. The Scrolls of Maen, filling two trunks, led to the development of a school of necromancy called Maen Saetild; and the rise of Khaa'khas, dedicated to taking Maen Grirngrim's teachings to the extreme.

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