Screaming Maiden


Screaming Maiden is one of the chaotic evil sentient weapons that came out of the demon-built fortress Devdine. When Demogorgon's forces were driven out of the Tribe Steppes, Demon Purr along with a few other sentient items were left behind. The idea was that even though the demons were gone, these sentient weapons would remain behind and act as vessels of Abyssal intrigue.

Screaming Maiden has the sentience of a succubus that served under Demogorgon in the Demon Spawn War. This succubus was noted for having a bad temper and always running around screaming at others for the slightest offense. She was viewed as a defect in the selection process, because succubi are supposed be about manipulation and not drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Demogorgon gave her a long leash, but eventually that ran out. When she was disposed of, her psyche was captured and later transferred into a mace. When not in combat, the mace head has the visage of comely female. When in combat, the mace head contorts into one of a female demon with her mouth wide. Inside this mouth are four long metal spurs which can deliver whatever poison the wielder dips them into.

Screamin Maiden is a +4 vile mace.

Alignmentchaotic evil
LanguagesAbyssal, Halfling
Powers - as 12th lvl caster
Vile Touch deals an additional point of vile damage, double on a critical hit continuous
Poison Fangsthe fangs can hold two dose of insinuative poison, 1 dose is used per hit, adding more doses requires a full-round actioncontinuous
Drain BeautyA natural 20 causes the victim to permanently lose 1 point of charisma and comeliness (DC20 Fortitude)continuous
Ice Breath Blast a ice storm from the maiden's mouth on opponent within 15', causing 3-30 hps of damage (DC18 Reflex) 1/day
Carrion TouchCause disease upon touch1/day
Foul WordsCause curse upon touch1/day