NationKhazarkar Empire
Typereligion in the Khazarkar Empire

The Khazarkar Empire has a fanatical theocracy government. Worship in the empire is primarily to the jackal-headed god of evil and the night, the greater deity Set. Other deity worship is banned, but secretive cults and private worship frequently occur.

In every city, town, village, or dwelling, the imagery of Set is present. These take the forms of statues, carvings, and murals of snakes, jackals, the night, and of depictions of the deity.


It is every citizen's duty to make an annual trip to one of the tombs of a former Setarch. On the death of one, they are embalmed and interred in a great pyramid. There are many pyramids in the Khazarkar Empire and always a vacant one for the current Setarch.

Sacred Animals

The jackals of Cinazan are nicknamed Sets Pups. They are be raised, aided if wounded, and fed if prone to begging. Killing or torturing of Sets Pups incurs steep fines, flogging, and imprisonment.