Char T'riss

ForgeVayas'vyr Ghaundan

Char T'riss is a legendary dagger made by the drow smith Lael'mol. It was forged when the Khazarkar Empire were pushing west across Cinazan and probing the Underdark areas beneath it. The dagger was made as a way to make some sort of friendship or at least delay Khazarkar influence and domination of Ghaundan. It was presented as a gift to Setarch Sînê Kalamragân, then ruling high priest and lord of the Khazarkar Empire. Unbenowst to its creator, it was cursed while it hardened in the forge Vayas'vyr Ghaundan. This curse came into play a year later, when one of the Setarch's playthings teasingly used it during sex. Ghostly vipers sprung out from the blade, striking the Setarch four times. The virulent venom of Char T'riss was such that his healers had no time to save him. Word spread quickly in the Khazarkar palace of their leader's passing. The place was secured by the Akumîlû, and according to custom the baton of leadership passed to the next highest priest of the Pharzîmrâth. Five hundred miles away at Ghaundan, the smith Lael'mol disappeared without a trace - presumably disintegrated by someone cleaning up loose ends.

The blade of Char T'riss is made from the fang tips of a deep dragon. It is a +5 dagger of speed wounding and spectral vipers and no longer carries a curse.

Speed as Speed special abilitycontinuous
Wounding as Wounding special abilitycontinuous
Spectral Vipers four additional attacks at highest attack, a hit requires a Fortitude DC25 or the victim suffers 6d6 poison damage1/day
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