Will To Power

NationKhazarkar Empire
Typeviews of the Khazarkar race

In the Khazarkar Empire, Khazarkar society is divided into castes, and is best described in the words of the philosopher Neetch:

There are two types of people and thus two types of morality.

The upper class nobility naturally followed the "master" morality. The master morality is the "Will to Power". Anything that helps this nobility to achieve greater power and influence is "good". The second morality is the "slave morality" - a poorer class of people only there to be exploited by the noble class. Anything that inspires fear is "evil", whereas someone capable of inspiring fear was "good" according to the "master morality".

-Neetch, Chief Philosopher of Neetch Insitute, "The Khazarkar Master Morality"