Kazzatar is a vast jungle of Tha'lith. It stretches from the eastern edge of Toth Coeus and then northwest up the river Ralban and east as far as Mughakh-Gol.

Ma'Ohari is a rainy region, so Kazzatar has many waterways cutting through it. These stream and rivulets join with the north to south flowing river Ezdynn or the east to west flowing Ralban. In addition to the the flowing waterways are many ponds and jungle marshes. Where these areas are not choked with vegetation, they serve as the abode of Vedrii, yuan-ti, and others. Beyond the water, the jungle is home to dire and blood apes, constrictor and poisonous serpents, cockatrice, and innumerable mosquitoes.

Malshirk'iss and Goth-Dyvermoir lay claim to the areas of this jungle near their cities, but anything beyond their patrols is wild unclaimed land. One of the more dangerous groups to encounter in this area beyond the frontiers of these two evil empires is the Elinwur. This group is comprised of descendants of the army of the same name that served Silvanus in the Demon Spawn War. They have managed to survive the rise and fall of many empires of Ma'Ohari, and becoming a thorn in the side of all those doing evil.

Notable Areas