When categorizing undead, vampires are hunters, creatures of stealth that prey on the living. They hunger for blood. It’s not that they need it to live, but starved of it, makes blending in with your prey much harder. Some try not to hunt the living, but after a while they find their hideous appearance unbearable, as do others, so they look to finding the nectar they need to get back to what they looked like when they were of the living.

One of the most powerful vampire organizations is the Blood Cults of Kezgihr. Following the doctrines of the vampire demi-god Kezgihr, they have cells set-up in key areas across Midrêth.

Notable Vampires
NameTurned UndeadNotes
Azalea19 Saunas 1468
BalanosaBalanosas Navel
Crick17 Saunas 1515
Irân10 Witchrite 1342Eternal Life Proclaimation
KezgihrDrachlaz Lord, Higher Power
Lady Hungergithyanki empress
Phar Zîn3 Temporal 1575
Rassald17 Lunar 1491
Rintasi OthralbucDrachlaz Lord
Yga'loth 3 Witchrite 403