Chaos Aberration

Type 214 Chaos Aberration
NativeBal-Kriav, Chaos, Limbo

Chaos aberrations come in a multitude of variations; shapes, sizes, color. They are home to Chaos with any in other systems a product of an open rift. Unless led by a Primordial Lord or other strong personae, chaos aberrations generally cannot survive long outside of Chaos. Those with an entropic energy composition in the range 51% to 60% have a better chance of surviving outside of Chaos. The really chaotic ones usually end up getting themselves killed from their unpredictably or die of starvation, sickness, or other cause.

The movement of these creatures varies by individual, but they have been categorized as walkers, crawlers, rollers, sliders, hoppers, rift-hoppers, and flyers; and some can do several of these types of movements.

Chaos Behemoth

The army of Neeth-Theen has creatures called chaos behemoths. These juggernauts of flesh, bone, and blood are responsible for the entropic change that overcomes areas they occupy. It happens over several weeks, with them wandering about an area, infusing it with the energies of raw Chaos. This warps the land into strange shapes; objects and buildings have been seen floating in the air intact, and others twisted and contorted, defying what we have learned in physics and other sciences. It is not magical. Most consider these Chaos ruins to be something more like the heart of Chaos rather than of this world.

- from the Godspawn Saga


Three slimy creatures are his escorts, pods of knotted flesh with a varying number of long tentacles that they use to pull themselves along. They move surprisingly fast, stopping every so often for their visitor to catch up. Occasionally, a pseudopod stretches out to resemble a human arm, waving their often-distracted visitor along. They feel something about him, something strange; he doesn't seem natural to them, so he must be a minion of Law.

- from the Godspawn Saga


Chenlock is carried to the general by a three-foot ball of sickly yellow flesh with no discernible eyes. This creature is one of Chaos's flying aberrations. It's kept aloft by a pair of leathery bat-wings. Its kind have no offensive capacity, having been designed by agents of Chaos to serve as messengers, and for moving supplies about. They're surprisingly strong for their delicate appearance.

- from the Godspawn Saga


A chaos aberration, double the size and roughly the shape of a giraffe, with not one head but three, spies upon the battlefield and the lands around it. It is thirty feet tall, a soft target, so it is positioned at the back of the army. One head looks towards the keep, scanning for threats like the barrel of an artillery piece or something trying to hide with magic. The other two look east and west, and sometimes behind.

This creature is one of eleven that serve as spotters, the eyes of Anutrax's Army of Chaos. Looking southeast, the three-headed giraffe barks twice.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Thinkers Ura'yah

Racial Traits
Racial infinite variations
Energy Type at least 51% entropic energy
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