RaceChaos Aberration
Alignmentchaotic neutral

Ingegenn is a being of chaos capable of having multiple brains in one body. He is of a class of chaos aberration called Ura'yah, which translates to "thinker". The brains in his body are all independent of each other, but as a whole try to work together to further their own aims, as well as whomever they serve. Ura'yah get new brains by absorbing one from their prey. These brains are selected because of a particular trait of an individual, and they never select one that will duplicate what is already in its body.

In the Cinazan Front, Ingegenn served under Drachmon. He had three minds, one named Dominance, another Quiet, and the last Sarcastic. One of his plans in this conflict, was stealing the mind of Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. In their first hostile encounter, Sarcastic was slain, his soul devoured by the Rax's sword Grarg.

A runner scurries off, and a minute later, a pop echoes from outside the tent. In front of the general's tent stand two guards who, like Anutrax, are stone giants. One has a body that looks like it was sculpted from basalt, and the other from sandstone. If they were naked and stood next to said stones, they would blend in with them. The guards are accustomed to Ingegenn's teleportative ability. They lazily look down at the hovering brainy mass, the size of four goblins squashed into a ball, as it moves towards them. Both hold their breath, squinting their eyes in defiance, as the smelly androgynous thing moves between them.

He misses the trichotomy of that one, several brains in one, many personalities in one, strong in psychic energy, but with just a bit too much desire to be a leader. Ingegenn had explained his work, saying physical pain has a way of dulling out. You can only deliver so much before the victim's mind starts blocking it; but mental trauma never dulls.

- from the Godspawn Saga

The brains that make-up Ingegenn are all mentalist. They either join Ingegenn with this skill, or learn it from those already inside the body. The more gentler psyche, for instance the one named Quiet, is always the strongest of the other psyches that make-up the whole.

Ingegenn's Notable Psyches
DominancealiveCommand, Combat Tactics
QuietaliveMeasured Thinking, Calm
Sarcastickilled by RaxDeception, Spontaneity
StructuredeadEngineering, Planningdesigned Kyvax Guthor

... he (Dominance) gets no response (from Quiet), but he knows that the stronger mind sleeps longer with Dormancy. He decides it's time to tell the boss about what went down, and get some guidance. He reaches out to Drachmon, his mental link finding him at the heart of Sapthiladân, standing in the shadow of the Entropy Arch. Drachmon looks north, admiring the effects of Chaos: a series of mountains sheared off from their bases, floating in the sky (what becomes known as Skyldr-Kerthjorg). He smiles, for this is a good omen.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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