Elephant Reverence

Typedivine lore

Most Elderaunts see elephants as sacred creatures. In the lands under Ivory Asylum, harsh punishment awaits poachers and those who plunder elephant grave sites like those at Irastânâz. These views began in the First Epoch with a myth of Elderaunt origins, a cover-up, and as a way to elevate someone from outside the four great tribes, to mythical status. The group behind this campaign of misinformation were the Irastâ. This was an Elderaunt tribe from Izagunbar's interior. Not living on the coasts, they were deemed a second rate tribe.

Elephant Reverence is linked to the reputed bloodline shared by elderaunts and elephants. The myth says the Elderaunts were created by the titan Ilušur. This titan rode about the country-side on Thunderous Walker, a massive mastodon. For over a century, this pair protected the elves of Holentur, the Mezrack of Gul, and the Sussgurd still under the yoke of Durkoth masters.

The heavens shed tears when Ilušur fell. Chaos rocs, beasts of another age, at the beckon call of Coeus, pinned the hero down. Ilušur's noble steed kicked and gored these spawns of Chaos. Holy men from all over came to Irastânâz, elves from Holentur, hammer priests from Gul, and Sussgurd chanters. All vainly tried to heal wounds cursed by chaos.

The people prayed to the heavens for another champion. They constructed a massive funeral pyre and prayed as one. Thousands surrounded the pyre, rocking the heavens with their rapture. Chanting could be heard for many miles, beasts shook in terror, the winds seemed to stop. Ashes spread across the land like an erupting volcano. For many years after, Izagunbar's people gave birth to only Elderaunts.

- one version of Elephant Reverence

In other variations of this myth, it says that the hero Jurmalon rose from Irastânâz's ashes.

Elephant Reverence is just a religious myth, yet accepted by many Elderaunts as truth. It was meant to hide the beginnings of a people created to serve the Hydrocur. The parts about Jurmalon were added to get an outsider recognized by Izagunbar's larger coastal tribes.