Typeslithering watery dreadnought

Abremorta seems to be a lake from the distance, but a careful inspection of this stringy body of liquid will realize that it is like no other body of natural water. Its mesmerizing blue hues are otherworldly with deeper blue areas drifting about under the surface like bubbles. Abremorta's water is slightly more dense than normal water and doesn't evaporate unless hit with extreme magical heat. It has a biosphere like normal lakes where aquatic plants and lifeforms thrive. The unusual nature of what some consider a "lake" is because Abremorta is in fact a primordial left over from the Creation War. In that war, she was the largest primordial minion to assail the world Bal-Kriav. Cari'phis brought Abremorta, a slithering watery dreadnought, to Gorejun to quench the fires of Felakgathar. Abremorta was tasked with breaking the volcanic wall that Danzar-Khâl created in an effort to stop the black ice of Perge'khas.

Abremorta was a simple-minded beast, easy to control by Cari'phis; only having to feed it fish and plants to keep it happy. Abremorta came from an ocean world where food was plentiful, requiring only that she swim around and get close enough to absorb it. On Bal-Kriav, she was brought through a rift in an area far from any large body of water. This meant that her food needs had to be shipped, teleported or magically created. In the battles between the Covenant and the primordials, Abremorta ended up being cut-off from primordial forces. This met that she was was no longer being regularly fed and worse, stranded in the parched Ma'rya landscape. To stay alive, Abremorta stopped moving, entering a hibernation that has remained unbroken for thousands of years. Today, she lives off the normal life-cycle of fish and plants in her waters, taking only what she needs to stay alive. When something big enters Abremorta, this is an exceptional treat so it is could very well be attacked, drowned and absorbed.

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