Devgwer Rip


Late in the Horgon Era, a Thrallrir engineer named Devgwer psionically shattered chains that had bound him for more than six thousand years. During a period of the Dawn Era, Devgwer served under Cari'phis as chief engineer for all construction efforts across Malurn and Vhurghad. In 1841 HE, he broke his chains, yet Devgwer was not free. When he was captured and bound, Nawirrûs jailers also put in place powerful magic to restrict his movement. These were angelic imprisoning runes inscribed from the fingers of one hand, up the arm, across the back, and down the other arm made it so that he could not leave sector Gatheghu. This was a secondary measure put on him after his capture by Nawirrus forces. Devgwer was intent on leaving Gatheghu, correctly believing that it was only a matter of time till word got out of his escape. He collected items stashed away since the Creation War, undertaking a engineering plan of such grandioseness that it could not have been pulled off when the angels were about. He put Cari'phis Icicles, powerful magical devices used to convert rock, sand, and earth to ice, across the northeastern part of Vhurghad. When these were activated, they turned the ground into a deep seam of ice forming a great half-circle all the way to the coasts. He then hired on storm giants, paying them with angelic and primordial spoils from the Creation War. The storm giant workers were then put to work with each wielding a great pile-driving hammer called a Maul of the Titan (primordial relics first created in the Creation War). These magical hammers were used to shatter an ice seam that stretched for three hundred miles. It was not necessary to shatter all of the ice, only crack it enough for it to weaken under pressure and heat. Two months later, part of Vhurghad's landmass broke free of the continent and began drifting out to sea. Devgwer rode this newly created island, later to become known as the Ark of Devgwer, eastward into Nielalroch's powerful ocean currents and waves. As it moved across the ocean, parts of the island broke free leaving a string islands that stretch from the Devgwer Rip to the mouth of Tarag-Khâlu. When the remaining Ark of Devgwer reached the continent Brucrumus, it smashed into sector Ara'phis of the Troll Bogs. This created an uprising of the land that became known as the Devgwer Humps. Devgwer was not the only thing riding on this short-lived island. On an island of nearly 10,000 square miles, thousands of dinosaurs were brought too. Today, the Tiyalashe plains are haven to dinosaurs in such numbers that pockets of civilization on its fringes build great walled fortifications and patrol their frontiers on the backs of triceratops and other great beasts. Agents of Ishtu Irrai were there when the Ark of Devgwer merged with Brucrumus. They searched in vain for Devgwer, never able to find him. An investigation of the islands left in the Ark's wake hinted that Devgwer might have been devoured by some dinosaur.

The area Devgwer Rip is a jagged cliff going from sandy beaches to 600' high cliffs. It is an unnatural looking area, looking like part of it the landmass was ripped away. Tunnels in the cliffs lead into the Underark region beneath Vhurghad. When Devgwer sheared an island out of the area, the denizens of these tunnels and caves retreated deeper into the Underdark. Since then, these places have becomes aeries of pterosaurs and other avian beasts.