Bow of Orulûn

goblin archer with Bow of Orulûn
CategoryRanged Weapons
Type mighty composite shortbow (+3 Str bonus)
ForgeNiruš Mirror

In the Demon Spawn War, forces under Baphomet battled those of Niruš for control of Aettein. The fighting in this sector was light compared to others, but no less brutal. Niruš main force was a division-sized unit comprised largely of mounted goblins. They were trained to fight mounted with bow, lance and light mace. One soldier in this force was a sergeant named Ezphus. In the many engagements of the Orulûn Division he is credited with hitting Baphoment in three different battles. This was done with a bow he handcrafted himself and so hard to pull that it required someone with the strength of a hill giant. Legend has it that he got his strength to pull it from a magical belt plundered from a marilith riddled with arrows. Baphomet studied the arrows in him and noted their custom nature. His agents then tortured some captives, finding out that they were those of Ezphus, and marking him for termination by Baphomet's babau assassins. They ended up catching up with them, but rather than have his trusty bow taken as a trophy he threw it into the river Jhernarth. Days later, his bow was found by friendly forces, but nothing of his body. The bow was given to General Niruš. In honor of Ezphus's deeds she imbued it with great magic. She did not keep it, but let it pass among the ranks with eleven more goblins employing it against the demons and dying in glory while unleashing a storm of booming arrows. Much of the Bow of Orulûn's history after that is unknown with it probably spending most of its time in some treasure hoard.

It reappeared in the Chaos War, with the goblins of Nemebhox harrying the southward march of the Horde of Chaos. In one of the skirmishes, both wielder and mount were struck down by a flaming boulder. The bow was taken as booty by a Steirgar fire giant and not seen since.

The Bow of Orulûn is +5 mighty composite shortbow (+3 Str bonus) with explosive and exit wound enchantments. It is made from a laminated horn and etchings through-out. These markings were made by Ezphus with each denoting a confirmed demon kill while using the bow.

Explosive as Explosive continuous
Exit Wound as Exit Wound continuous
Sonic Boom this power can be used once per round on an arrow, and up to three times per day. Upon hit it causes a sonic boom in a 30' radius. This causes 6-60 hit points of sonic damage (Reflex DC25 for half). A failed save also results in stunning for 1 round and permanent deafness. This blast causes structural damage to objects. 3/day
Niruš Touched an evil wielder must make a Will DC20 before they can undertake any evil action, they also forget about the action they were getting ready to undertake continuous