Lyktion is an ancient city on an ill-formed world, part of a maze of debris tossed aside by Piranoth during his time as a Creationist. Leading up to the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), Lyktion came to be the home of a rebel primordial named Baphomet. He and a growing number of malcontents holed up at a camp that quickly grew to be a maze of structures, all mixed in with innumerable floating elemental motes of the area, but also across the entire world.

Named Lyktion after a lichen that grows thick like grass, in the Dawn Era, it was one of dozens of rebel camps that had split from the Primordials and their war against Negative Entropy; and its backers the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Lost for two decades in the Lyktion Maze, I learned much of the demon's beginnings. The hordes of Lyktion, like a thousand similar camps across the worlds of Piranoths Steps were all infected by the Threads of Damnation. They were the first demons, a people driven by Chaos and pure evil, bent on destruction and domination of others.

- Nevicanad, from the Book of the Demons - "Baphomet's Playground"

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  • Lyktion Maze