Hoze Huemutril

Hoze Huemutril

Hoze Huemutril is a magical forest, created in the Dawn Era by the then angel Huemutril. She created a tangled forest at the northern edge of Gakebe, which at the time was a battle zone between the primordials and the forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant. The primordial threat came south from Padimza and would end up becoming a trickle after the forest was finished.

Anyone passing into Hoze Huemutril is walking inside a fortress-like woodland. The entire forest shaped to be a defensive works and a deathtrap for those passing through it while the enemy holds the high ground. This high ground is the area up in the trees which hold walkways made of vines and limbs, tree houses, aid stations, and forts. This is a magical forest, so these areas still exist today, unfettered by new growth and time. The fey of the forest are more like those of the fey world Kriav than Bal-Kriav. Many are practiced druids with the oldest living races like the treats, often having very powerful druids.

We tried to establish a foothold in Amachan, but the druids there say that they have no need for our services for they have Hoze Huemutril. I surmise they are referring to ancient Satyr, Dryad and Treant, each a master of the druidic arts. Some are said to have been captains and generals that fought with the Hedge Legion, under Silvanus and Huemutril. If this is only half-true then these beings probably have knowledge of druidic magic not seen since the God Era.

- Aredhel, from the Ent Stones - "Druids of Hoze Huemutril"

These days the forest is still used as a defensive works, though nothing like on the scale of when tens of thousands manning the defenses in the Creation War. The empire Shounejo maintains garrisons in the forest to harry raiders and scout for any intrusions by the Demacian and Dead Ancestors out of Padimza.

Notable Areas