Maenor Garden of Aredhel

Maenor - Voternil

RegionHigh Wood Country
AliasGarden of Aredhel

Maenor is an untainted forest west of lake Nelshreen. This forest and all within it are unaffected by the growth of the Tendrils.

Druids seeking the enlightenment and blessing of Aredhel tend this pure woodland. Some spend decades tending and guarding the forest, walking the paths that Aredhel once walked when she was but a mortal. The Gwatherfin claim that this work teaches patience and appreciation of nature.

Maenor is sometimes called the Garden of Aredhel. This forest holds both friendly and hostile plants, animals and other beasts; all with the precepts of keeping nature's balance. At the heart of the forest is the oldest and largest tree of the region, Belephrían. In and around this massive red oak is the fortress Nelrenael.

Notable Areas