RegionCinazan, Great Expanse, Ice Cap, Tribe Steppes
MapAlrostild Forest

Alrostild is a great fey forest of northern Brucrumus. It is the home to thousands of satyr, sprites, centaurs and other fey. Alrostild's fey are traditionalists. They don't consider wood elves to be true fey, so they don't allow them to establish any sort of residence here. Alrostild's fey are also xenophobic, unwelcoming to non-fey seeking passage or visitation. The people of Seven Vales have long had a problem with the denizens of this forest. This comes in the constant nuisance of robbery, mischief, and other small crimes. There have also been wars brought on by a desire of trade. Sometimes, the city-states of the Seven Vales win these conflicts. This leads to opening up old roads, ones lost in the last war, to trade with Ithengee, the Khazarkar Empire, and other eastern trade centers. During the times when the roads are open, trade flourishes, but eventually this ends with trade forced to take the river Jhernarth. This river cuts through the forest, and is usually safe from fey attacks. The real problem with the river is its speed and rough waters. It has always been safer to take the roads, sometimes even under the threat of a fey attack.

Like other areas bordering the jara lands, Alrostild suffers their share of rapine and slaughter. The heaviest of conflict occurs in the south, north of the Isterian mountains. This area has a number of orders established solely to combat the nomadic warmongering jara that travel north by way of the Tamoroc then east into Maranwë Tîwele and beyond on raids that may last many years.

Notable Areas