Harpy, 1st Generation
Typemonster lore

Where the evergreens of Logor meet the northern rocky coasts of Honmin, there are hundreds of harpy abodes. These creatures are the descendants of the first harpies. They live in intricate tree houses, in hollowed out trunks of Logor's black oaks or in cliff caves.

The first harpies of Logor, and of the realm, were once sprites that served under Silvanus. In the Zythess region these sprites were one of the groups that fought in the campaign to drive back the demons. In the Demon Spawn War, the demon lord Jurusalax gave orders to capture these sprites rather than slaughter them. When they were captured and brought in for "special treatment", Jurusalax had them infused them with his own blood while at the same time taking their blood into himself. Only five sprites out of possibly a hundred survived these demoniac blood transfusions. One legend says that the blood that Jurusalax took from the sprites was like an aphrodisiac to him. The sprites that survived being infused with demon blood were corrupted, changing into an abomination of their former selves. These corrupted and changed sprites became the realm's first harpies.

Harpies have changed from the time when they were first created. In the Demon Spawn War, they were used by Jurusalax as scouts and to harry the enemy. After centuries of breeding with natives their appearance changed from a monstrous one to reflect something a little gentler. New blood gave them a humanoid appearance mixed with avian parts, yet it did not get rid of all their demoniac heritage. They are still as chaotic and evil as any demon.