Fey Wardens

Guramarth is a jungle area slowly being surrounded by Brownlands. The area is dozens of feet to thousands of feet above the Mud Flow's churn and the creeping mud flats of the Granitoid Spill. The area has four main bulwarks that are for now protecting it from being turned into a Brownland. One is these is the area's streams and rivers, some shaped and all connected to network of hundreds of canals. Another is the Hejan Spires. This side-effect of the Earth Callers makes for a dangerous and unstable land where only the foolish or desperate try to cross. The other two areas are the natural uprising of land in the northeast and southwest.

Guramarth is home to Wood Woad, Thorn, Sprite, Treant and other fey. For the most part, they are not affiliated with the Greenland Alliance, yet have the same goal of ending the ever-expansion of the Brownlands. Even though they fight for a common cause, Guramarth's elements, most followers of Melrith, are viewed as a bit radical, bending nature to their wills. There a number of nature-oriented militant sects in the area. They take the battle with Rilirthad to the extreme, some giving up part of themselves to become something more powerful. These Fey Wardens are willing to use nature energy in whatever way to hasten the war's end.