MapVarorthin Forest

Varorthin is a large temperate forest northwest of the Gelakgizal mountains. When the Lith-Crillion came to northern tip of Stafknir Hrerbjof, they began harvesting the wood of this forest. It was used in the construction of the Pyramid of Life. Later, after one of their lore seeking teams explored Etteir, they began fabricating great barges for moving supplies to other sites selected for a Pyramid of Power. They paid the forest fey, sprites, to perform rituals on the wood taken out of the forest. The faerie dust of Varorthin is said to make wood very durable, resistant to salty seas and worms for centuries. When the Lith-Crillion left the area, the people of lake Baraglindu picked up the practice of harvesting and getting the fey rituals done. Today, these rituals are very elaborate, taking days and weeks to perform, yet end up with the same result.

Varorthin is claimed by the Kingdom of Rethmorg. Varorthin's sprites are largely their own people within Rethmorg's claim; not a threat, and too important for their rituals to bring into the folds of Rethmorg.

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