Elphion's Earth Motes

Elphion is a great jungle of southern Azrik. It is known for its sky islands, some above the jungle canopy, others locked in with vines or blending in with the tree tops. These islands are earth motes, the stuff of Chaos leftover from the world's Creation. Atop some of these sky islands are water motes and their perpetual waterfalls cascading downward from dizzying heights.

When the Ba'lith Empire got skyships, these sky islands became a strategic resource. Their military applications were many, making any power with one of these able to defend land bound areas with a normal castle and another on a nearby sky island either raining missiles down or protecting the airspace. Smaller ones were taken to be watch towers over areas that on the ground proved dangerous for garrisons. For security purposes, Ba'lith's government controls the handling of these sky islands. When they do sell them to foreign powers, they come at a steep price. One empire that spared no expense at getting them, purchased dozens of them just for DrakhĂ´r.