Arquar tree homes
RegionIce Cap

Grulvid is an evergreen rain forest on the north central rim of Ice Cap. It is sited in a large, wet coastal valley. Ground travel in this forest is difficult due to the area's numerous streams, swamps and waterways.

The forest is a haven for huge spiders, monstrous beetles, displacer beasts, tribes of Pixie and Sprite, and other dangerous things. The major civilized people of this area are xenophobic wood elves calling themselves the Arquar.

Long ago, the Thraedli dwelled in this forest and in the adjoining peaks. They were later joined by the Lith-Crillion, who built MiradalĂȘth. The Lith-Crillion were wiped out or driven off by the Thraedli. This led to the capture of MiradalĂȘth and the formation of an eldritch empire called Saer Erkjorg.

In the Second Epoch, the Arquar came to this area and built their tree homes around the major rivers flowing through Grulvid. The Arquar are an unfriendly people, and just as much threat as the beasts and monsters of the area.

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