RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
MapCinyossion Valley

Cinyossion is lush green valley sited between Steirgar and the Iberaks. It stretches around the western slopes of Steirgar and down to the Core Sea. The rolling hills, deep and tangled woodlands and numerous ponds are home the forest's many fey. The most common are satyr, sprites, brownies, and nymphs. The forest is also home to numerous grizzly bears, elk, wolves and a sizable mastodon population in the upper reaches.

Near Steirgar, the forests are inhabited by earth giants, trolls, and magical beasts left over from the time of the Volgads. The first ironclad maulers were made in this area; an ironclad mauler is a dire bear that has magical armor grafted to its body. These magical beasts are true terrors, and can easily stand their own against most giants. The southern reaches of Cinyossion are also prowled by owl bears and displacer beasts.

Besides a few ruins, the valley is best known for its legendary faerie dust. It is said that the creation of this dust requires the combined efforts of the mightiest of sprites.

The temperature differential between this area and the icy north leads to frequent fogs. The color of the azure fog is a product of the blue-ice that makes up much of the Ice Cap region.

In the first century of the Horgon Era, the Volgads fled to this area from Imrik and established the settlement of Aphelzâk. They stayed in this area for a little more than four hundred years. The rise of the stone titan kingdom Cûngin-Zar drove the Volgads from the continent. Most of these people migrated north across the Nautrek ocean to Elemantum.

During the Cinazan Front, the Flux Pact marched through the western fringes of the valley. They were attacked constantly for over two months by fey creatures of Cinyossion. All manner of fey fought the chaotic creatures that swarmed through the forest. Thousands of creatures died and were left in the wake of the Horde's advance.

A year later, the wolf population of the valley doubled from all the corpses. Some of the pups were born as dire wolves. The consumption of chaos tainted meat is surely the cause of this corruption.

- Thanwaen, of the Kingdom of Ithengee, "Deliberations at the Circle"

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