Salbâth Gigunn, Teretellin

AliasesGigunn, Teretellin

During the time of Aslauthroa, the giants called this valley Gigunn. When Gilraen came to power, they gave the valley the Elven name Teretellin. They named it after the first son of House Glorfindel, founding family of the Gilraen empire. The name changed again in 1421, when the Khazarkar Empire renamed it, calling it Salbâth after a famous Khazarkar crusader. Gilraen became a vassal state of the Khazarkar Empire, so they were forced to use the valley's new name. Certain policies of the conquerors led to the flight of several thousand kriavian elves to this valley. They became the genesis of the Salbâth Insurgency which rages to this day.

Salbâth is sited in the southern part of the Steirgar mountains. It has rough terrain, broken with many narrow defiles and deep chasms. It is a dangerous place to travel with noxious gases potent enough to fell a fire giant. These colorless gases are continuously rising from cracks and fissures. In areas away from these, are dangerous predators like hell hounds and wyverns. The hell hounds are those that escaped Hofthorm kennels long ago. They now run wild and master-less.

Salbâth is home to a dozen or so goliath tribes. They are generally unfriendly except when they need help. In the Cinazan Front, the goliath were forced out of the area by the Horde of Chaos. They migrated east into the towering evergreens of Teltenar.

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