Human Species 32

AliasSpecies 32
Creation6 Lunar 720 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, others

The creationist Bruh Kreniik created the first bipedal humanoids that would become known as the humans. The first to stand on their own two feet and properly function was Species 32. They were all sterile, immortals, of different colors and builds. The idea was to find the best ones, and give them the ability to create more like themselves.

In the first two thousand years of the Dawn Era, worlds and lifeforms were being created across the systems. For those doing the building, resources, energy, and time were always strained. This was because there was a deadline, they had to build enough worlds and stock them with life, because what they were doing was instilling Law in the Universe where there once had been nothing but Chaos.

- Prime Architect, from the 1st Precept of Creation - "Law's Share"

Of those that survived the rigors of being left on their own, Bruh Kreniik selected the most worthy, granting them the powers of creation. Benevolence and Bal-Kriav were two of those that received this power. As Tier 3 Creationists, having the ability to create intelligent lifeforms, they created more beings in their likeness. Benevolence named her self-sustaining human populations the Theegans and the Nithians, and Bal-Kriav named his the Tungesti. The future god Lukoon, also of Species 32, went on to create the human sub-race known as the Tragarans, serving as his own personal army in the Demon Spawn War. One thing common about all of these Creationists was that those they created resembled them in many ways.

A pure blood, and few exist today, would in youth so resemble the Covenant general Bal-Kriav, with curly red locks, strong jaw, that you would think they the direct descendants of him, or close relatives.

- Ermikel the Balance, excerpt from his book Species - "God Scion"

These first humans would be used later as models for creating other human subtypes. Some were made in secret, to serve as people to revere them and help them along the path of greater divine power. The Khazarkar were created for this purpose by Set. On the other hand, the Shou were created by Zhusalax reputedly out of artistic intent.

One of the generally accepted creationist theories is that Bruh Kreniik modeled Species 32 from Piranoth's giant creations, the cloud and storm giants.

Human Subtypes
TypeCreatorCreation Date
EenkaiBalthioul (Sussgurd)17 Saunas 1590 DE
KhazarkarSet (Lith-Crillion)
MinĂ¢th9 Lunar 9450 GE
Corralum17 Brightstar 9450 GE
Terrant16 Artifice 9450 GE
NithianBenevolence (Species 32)16 Saunas 1482 DE
ShouZhusalax (Half-Celestial)17 Bloom 8644 DE
TheeganBenevolence (Species 32)29 Temporal 1315 DE
TragaranLukoon (Species 32)17 Witchrite 9001 GE
TungestiBal-Kriav (Species 32)29 Artifice 1088 DE