Hall of War

BuiltGod Era

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), eastern Brucrumus was a heavily contested land. Many bastions and fortifications were built by the Covenant, the Abyssal Hegemony, and those caught in between. Six of these on the Covenant became known as the Halls of War. They were training centers, some in the rear, others secret bases behind enemy lines.

After the war, they served as places for the old masters, training only a token of what they once schooled. When a population grew around them, they became a playground for proselytizers of the War Gods. Today, all of them have towns around them. When under proper management, they still follow Covenant rules on how many people can be in the war college and the vicinity around. It is because of church interest in these colleges, that donations typically cover half a student's expenses.

Mercenaries, soldiers-of-fortune, Ogre Lords on a vision quest, students paid by deep pockets or those serving some empire, you will find them all in the Halls of War. Brainwashing students to be warmongers, or teaching skills to protect and better serve, an open debate.

- Madbash, personal diary - "Warrior Breed"

Beyond being schools of war, the Halls have great athletic facilities and are competitive. Each sponsor teams to compete against the other war colleges.

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