Dark Rite Library


The Dark Rite Library was founded by Molakh-Búle. This ancient library is sited in the bowels of Phanêthil. The rough terrain of its build site led to hundreds of deaths. The bones of these bodies were crushed up and added to the mortar becoming part of a looming structure that would be a great library for the advancement of necromancy and the undead.

The Dark Rite Library has the largest collection of necromantic teachings across Midrêth. The place is open to the public. The owners of the place, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, alway eager to spread necromancy and the idea of immortality through undeath.

The place contains unique spells and very powerful tomes. Therein, Caliguworm found the spell to create a Taln'nazân Monarch. One of the oldest tomes of this library is the Unausprechlin Kulten.

Notable Works